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SQL Database Project

Автор: Дек.19.2013 Категория: Development

Today I’ve got an error —

Microsoft Visual Studio
Cannot locate resource ‘projectcompatibilitydlg/projectcompatibilitydlgwindow.xaml’.

After a few minutes of googling I did not find any results, so, it means, that it kind of magic. Magic which we gonna resolve

To resolve it, edit dbproj file with following changes:

1. <ProjectGuid>{047944a1-c6c0-4147-a641-6fdc2e131c5c}</ProjectGuid>

2.  Add following PropertyGroup:

<visualstudioversion Condition="'$(VisualStudioVersion)' == ''">10.0</visualstudioversion>
<ssdtexists Condition="Exists('$(MSBuildExtensionsPath)\Microsoft\VisualStudio\v$(VisualStudioVersion)\SSDT\Microsoft.Data.Tools.Schema.SqlTasks.targets')">True</ssdtexists>
<visualstudioversion Condition="'$(SSDTExists)' == ''">10.0</visualstudioversion>
<deployonbuild Condition=" '$(DeployDatabase)'!='' ">$(DeployDatabase)</deployonbuild>

Reload project. Enjoy it.

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