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Архив за Ноябрь, 2013


Пользователь Ноя.30.2013. Категория Weekdays

From time to time I think about my life in Minsk.

I can say, that after relocation I’ve got great experiece, that is something new, something, that have not yet happened with me before. New city, new people, a lot of new around me, but sometimes I want my previous. I’m thinking about my hometown — Karaganda, also about people. I cannot say that I feel depressed all time in Minsk but I can say (for sure) that sometimes it happens. You have to give back something to this city because that city is giving something to you and that’s OK, cuz it rule of the Life. Nothing for free, everything have a price, question is do you have enough to pay it? (Price tag :))

That is too mixed thoughts.

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