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Beginning of my life in Minsk

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Hello everyone,

a few days ago I changed my life, I moved in Minks (Belarus).

So, why and what?  :idea:

Before that step I worked for EPAM Kazakhstan company a little bit more than 5 years, it was really hard decision for me. In fact, for me it was a step into the unknown. Before I moved I had known a few persons who I worked with before.

My decision was spontaneous because it took me just only 1,5h to make it. I think I was a little bit depressed, probably because I had vac only once (for 2 weeks) for 5 years.

But nvm, now I’m in Minsk.

First impressions positive, almost  :smile:

This city is really clean, a lot of trees, bushes, grass, really green-city. Drivers (IMHO) are very polite, the road-culture is good. People are different, about that below.

Sure, I’ve already had a few funny moments, but before a few words about me. I’m a Korean and here Asians like an exception, for example in Kazakhstan it’s normal, so, here we go:

1. My 1st (or 2nd) day, I was walking from a shop to home, a girl stopped me and asked in English «who are you and what your nationality». Actually it was funny and I did not know what to choose: Telling her the truth or joking her (I chose 1st).

2. Sunday morning, in the morning I ordered suchi at home, ~40 min  after they called me and I got my breakfast, when I started to eat 2nd pack, I found a black hair, called to service, they replaced the pack (as an apology they gave me a dessert for free), but! When I got home and opened that pack, I found out that they mixed it up! I wrote them feedback about their mistake and ate it. About 20 minutes after, they called me again and suggested me the replacement that pack, I told them that I had already eaten it, sorry  :biggrin:

After I met with my friend, we walked to the center of the city, visited Gogol’s park. When I sat in metro from my station to the center, couple started talking to me, in Chinese with accent. Actually it was like this:


-«I do not speak Chinese, English maybe?»

-«here English speech»

-«So, what do you want?» (I told it in Russian)

Their faces were changed, it was funny.

3. Sunday evening, after walking I visited a shop. I bought some vegetables, but here also. When I started to buy tomatoes (price about 19000 byr) a seller told me that they had tomatoes for lower price (actually about 9000 byr) and really, it was, tomatoes for 9000 byr were in the next corner front of me. She started talking to me «Can I choose tomatoes, cucumbers, maybe I need something else, …». I felt like a child :)

4. Monday, I visited an other office and used a bus get there. When I got out of the bus I helped an old woman. After that she started speaking with me. Dialog was like this:

«-Oh Thank you, where are you from?»

… our social dialog

-«Actually I love Asians, they are great, hard-workers, clever, …, Son, what about your salary?» (and here my face was changed :eek: )


And actually after some funny moments happened to me.

I think it will be great experience and time, I’ll try to do all my best to be close to my dream.

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