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PowerShell functions to create crawled/managed properties

Пользователь Июл.27.2012. Категория SharePoint

Today I refactored powershell scripts for FASTSearch server.

So, I moved the same code to functions, as result you may see: CreateCrawledProperty/CreateManagedProperty/MapCrawledPropertyToManagedProperty


CreateCrawledProperty "propName" 31
CreateManagedProperty  "propName" 1 1 0
MapCrawledPropertyToManagedProperty "crawledPropName" "managedPropName"

Source code you may see below.

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Avoiding bugs from cached js and css files in SharePoint (layout folder)

Пользователь Июл.18.2012. Категория SharePoint

Last two days I looked for solution — «How to append param to js and css files which included in masterpage», it needs to avoid bugs with Browser caching after new version deployment.

I found these solutions:

  1. If you using Style Library enable Blob caching and SharePoint will use params to each item from Style Library (more here);
  2. Try to inherit from CssLink (for css only) and override Render method, it hasn’t work for me, Fiddler and others Web-Debuggers shown me a few instances of each files;
  3. Try to change collection in RunTime via Reflection (my choice).

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