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How to determine a user’s SharePoint group using a JS

Автор: Мар.11.2012 Категория: Development, SharePoint

This is my first post in English, lets try.

Scenario: How to check user in group? Group contain specific user or not?

My Solution (I think it may be better, but)…

function SetRibbonDisplayStyle()
if (SPContext == null) {
SPContext = new SP.ClientContext.get_current();
web = SPContext.get_web();
this._currentUser = web.get_currentUser();
groupCollection = web.get_siteGroups();
SPContext.executeQueryAsync(Function.createDelegate(this, this.onSuccessGroupGetting), Function.createDelegate(this, this.onQueryFailed));

function onSuccessGroupGetting(sender, args) {
var listEnumerator = groupCollection.getEnumerator();
while (listEnumerator.moveNext()) {
var item = listEnumerator.get_current();
var groupName = item.get_title();
if (groupName == 'USPS Content Editors') {
userCollection = item.get_users();
SPContext.executeQueryAsync(Function.createDelegate(this, this.onSuccessUsersGetting), Function.createDelegate(this, this.onQueryFailed));

function onSuccessUsersGetting(sender, args) {
var listEnumerator = userCollection.getEnumerator();
while (listEnumerator.moveNext()) {
var item = listEnumerator.get_current();
if (item.get_loginName() == _currentUser.get_loginName()) {

The variables SPContext, groupCollection, userCollection is global.


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